Saturday, 14 November 2015

The Daxue: Forthcoming Posts on Sino-Foreign Higher Education

The Daxue has been quiet for one full year, due to a variety of reasons.  While its been quiet on the blog, its been anything but quiet behind the scenes. 

Over the next year, we’ll be posting anaylsis and discussion of HE reforms in China, including analysis of the implications of the 13th 5 Year plan for HE when released at the National People’s Congress in March 2016.  The Ministry of Education will likely follow up with their plan sometime between October 2016 and March 2017.  And we’re expecting some significant policy strands which will shift the focus of HE reform to building domestic creativity and a consumer-driven economy.

I’ve also been working on a full landscaping of the Sino-Foreign Higher Education terrain, with some very interesting findings emerging from the data.  The current literature on Sino-Foreign higher education suffers from inaccuracies, outdated information and a lack of detailed anaylsis. So, building on work done over the last decade by various scholars active in Chinese education, and on broader research into transnational education conducted from a global perspective, I will be addressing some pertinent issues via The Daxue. 

One finding which I will be addressing in the first post is the worrying evidence that many foreign universities are operating outside the regulatory framework.  This poses significant risks to the foreign university engaged in such activities, including seriously undermining admissions standards, but also to the Chinese students themselves. 

Following posts will look at a variety of issues, with one post scheduled each week, and a limited number of ad-hoc updates on relevant news from Chinese HE as and when it arises. 

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