Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Stern to Launch Masters Degree in NYU and Shanghai New York University?

I missed this last week. NYU are launching a new Masters in Business Analytics, which will be simultaneously launched at the new ShanghaiNew York University in Pudong, Shanghai. First intake is reported to be in May 2013, when the Shanghai NYU is also expected to take in 300 undergrade students in Sept 2013, comprised of a minimum of 51% students from Tier 1 of the Chinese Gaokao system.

I am skeptical. No Sino-JV university has thus far been granted permission to issue Master's degrees, with the exception of UNNC, which received approval in 2005.

Only the State Council has the authority to grant licences to offer degrees at Masters level and SHNYU has yet to even publicly state what its tuition fees will be. This indicates that specific licences for UG degree programmes have yet to be agreed and/or that the Shanghai pricing bureau, which will set fees, has yet to make a decision.

There still seems to be little appreciation of the HE Law of PRC and the 2003 Regulations governing Sino-Foreign Education in the PRC. Similarly, if past experiences are anything to go by, obtaining permission to launch Masters degrees prior to first establishing robust teaching and administrative practices at UG level, gaining approval from the State Council for Masters degrees is highly unlikely (though, this is China, so lets not allow precedents to have an undue influence on any expectations).

Similarly, recent announcements by the MoE insist that the Masters application system must be followed by all universities in China, including (as they are established under Chinese law) all Sino-Foreign JVs.

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