Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Chinese Higher Education: Overseas Student Numbers for 2011

International students pursuing study in China rose again this year, according to figures released from the Ministry of Education (original Chinese language souce at: http://www.moe.edu.cn/publicfiles/business/htmlfiles/moe/s5987/201202/131117.html

Numbers appear to be calculated on a calendar year basis, as opposed to the academic year which runs from September to August.  Also, numbers appear to be calculated from visas granted or perhaps invitation letters issued by the provincial/municipal education bureaus.  

2011 saw an annual growth of total overseas student numbers by a figure of 27521 (10.38%) over 2010.  This took the total number of overseas students in China to 292611 students from a total of 194 countries, studying at 660 institutions across the PRC, but not in Taiwan, HK or Macao).  

FUNDING 2011 Change on 2010
Self Funding Students 266924 +22224 (9.98%)
Chinese Govt Scholarship 25687 +3297 (14.73%)

Asia 187871 64.21%
Europe 47271 16.15%
The Americas 32333 11.05%
Africa 20744 7.09%
Australasia 4932 1.50%

South Korea 62442
USA 23292
Japan 17961
Thailand 14145
Vietnam 13549
Russia 13340
Indonesia 10597
India 9370
Pakistan 8516
Kazakhstan 8287
France 7592
Mongolia 7112
Germany 5451
*By-Country figures only given for countries sending in excess of 5000 students per year

Non-Degree Seeking Students 173774 59.39%
Degree Seeking Students 118837 40.61%

DEGREE LEVEL 2011 % of Total Degree Seeking Students
Undergraduate Degree  88461 74.44%
Postgraduate Degree 23453 19.74%
Doctoral Candidates 6923 5.83%

The MoE report signs off with an unusually clear message on the objectives of Chinese Higher Education and specifically the increased recruitment of international students:

"The Ministry of Education will continue in the spirit of the 'National Medium-Long Term Education Plan Outline', earnestly implement the "China International Student Plan", improve the environment for international students through focusing on the standardizing management and improving quality of educational provision for international students.  By 2020 international student numbers will reach 500000 establishing China as the largest (most popular) destination for international students in the whole of Asia".  


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